DreamChasers Academy is a nationally recognized non-profit 501c3 organization dedicated to providing superior baseball instruction and academic guidance to kids ages 4 thru 22 years old in the NYC tri-state area. Our organization consists of baseball teams and player development programs as well as, high school placement and college advisory. Our "ELITE" teams travel to the most competitive events in the United States. Simultaneously, our "Select" and "Developmental" programs focus on the overall growth and development within the sport while competing locally.


Our ultimate mission at DreamChasers Academy is to create better academic opportunities through baseball. We teach, develop, and prepare our kids to love and play the game of baseball at the highest levels possible by providing them professional instruction. This national playing platform creates academic exposure and academic guidance as they advance through the higher levels of education. We use the game baseball to spark more academic engagement, thus creating better youth opportunities in underserved communities throughout New York City and beyond.