James Bono, Aiden's dad

Last Wednesday at the beginning of practice I saw Aiden moving a little slow and looking confused. I'm not gonna lie , my first thoughts were maybe I'm burning him out or he's showing his age.... but then when you took out the Fungo he was on his toes in a different way than I ever saw. There was a hop in his step and I immediately felt better. He followed that by doing his pitching drills across the gym with Justin's Hat on his head backwards ....and a big kool aid smile that relaxed me and made me very happy at the same time. I felt something special happening/developing beyond baseball and I'm  loving it because I know he is loving it....I try not to force conversation but always ask him if he had a good time when we get in the car. His response has always been yes with a little more and that night it was oh yeah that was a great practice. When I asked him what was his favorite part, he said everything....I know you told the boys that everyone there made the team and that was a definite confidence booster. I also know he did 30 burpies this morning and that he has an eye in his elbow to help him with his pitching because he showed me. Those are just some of the most recent positives from a long list going all the way back to last winter.  This situation,the system you're building/the DreamChasers is something special and I feel blessed my son is a part of it. Thanks for the phone conversation we had last week and for all of your time and effort. Your passion, commitment and ability to inspire and teach does not go unnoticed and is truly appreciated.

Mateo Gil, Grand Street Campus HS, Salem University 

You're always there when I need you! You open your arms to ALL of your players and continue to help us GROW

Joel Rivera, Amir's Dad

WE TRUST THE PROCESS AND BELIEVE IN THE PROGRAM! I'm a true believer in the process, my son couldn't hit a beach ball, once upon a time and now he's strong and a believer in the process. THANKS COACH DANNY!!

Tony Rotondi, Justsin's Dad

Thanks for your hard work, Justin is really enjoying this year and I know down the road that he will be a better person and player.